Join us for a 7 part, self-paced program on bold motherhood

Beyond Burnout is designed to support mothers who are feeling fed up with the current state of their lives.

The demands of modern motherhood are leaving women exhausted, guilt-ridden, unfulfilled, and in a perpetual state of comparing and despairing. 

Beyond Burnout provides a toolkit and support strategies to tackle key challenges and external pressures mothers are currently experiencing.

The key areas Beyond Burnout will tackle are

(a) creating a supportive motherhood entourage, 

(b) getting comfortable with what "doing your best" looks like, 

(c) avoiding feelings of "I don't measure up" due to social media,

(d) getting rid of the "busy badge",

(e) reclaiming your wellness and well-being.

This program is robust, realistic, and maybe make the difference between thriving or just surviving.

The program starts on May 6.

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